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                App Lifecycle Management

                How to Build, Deploy and Run your Movilizer Mobile Solution

                Movilizer App Lifecycle

                The application lifecycle shows the 3-phase progress to BUILD, DEPLOY and RUN your Movilizer app solution. We continuously work on technical updates and new features to keep your applications up-to-date and future-proof.

                Below you find different options Movilizer offers for each phase to create the ideal mobile app solution to your enterprise and field operations. 

                PHASE 1: Build it

                Process of Building, Updating and Expanding the App

                • MOVILIZE IT YOURSELF: The Movelets are your source code
                • REUSE YOUR SKILLS: Get your programmers up and ready in only 5 days
                • ALL DEVELOPMENT IN YOUR BACK-END: Re-use your software logistics and existing governance

                A) Design

                Your app will consist of Movelets, designed in the Movelet Designer Tool:

                • Empowers business users to translate future requirements into the app
                • Ensures that IT responsibles get the right understanding of these requirements
                • Shares work-in-progress and mobile app versions: the app is a result of collaboration

                B) Develop

                The Movelets are built in your back-end and are cross-platform enabled:

                • Reuse existing skills and knowledge
                • Choose your preferred programming language
                • Use your preferred development environment
                • Create an own IP for each user
                • All development in 1 place: your back-end

                C) Test

                We provide state-of-the-art testing procedures for the application, platform, devices and their backend connectors:

                • Optimized automated testing
                • Stress testing
                • On-device debugging
                • Multi-platform performance testing

                We support 3 types of mobile architecture

                Your business requirements will define how you want your mobile apps to integrate with your business. With the Movilizer Platform you can mix architectures to get the best solution:

                • HTML5/web browser - web pages are built in the back-end and rendered on the mobile device
                • Data Centric apps - relevant data is replicated via middleware and consumed by a thick mobile app
                • Template apps - process flows are templates in your back-end and interpreted by a thin mobile app
                Mobile architecture type - HTML5 + data centric + template based

                We Support following Types of App Coding

                Native Apps

                native app - cross-platform based

                Cross-platform based

                For a full native UX Movelets get localized and optimized by the Movilizer Client

                100% HTML5 App

                Full HTML5 based

                100% HTML5 and running in the Movilizer Client to be available online & offline

                Hybrid Apps

                Hybrid App - some screens as HTML5 and some as cross-platform native

                Mixed app

                Mixed app with some screens as HTML5 and some as cross-platform native

                Hybrid app - single screen combines cross-platform native & HTML5 elements

                Mixed screens

                Mixed app in which a single screen combines cross-platform native and HTML5 elements

                Web-Based Apps


                Movilizer Web Client runs Movelets within any web browser

                Phase 2: Deploy it

                With a Reliable and Manageable Technology for Today and the Future

                • NO NEW INFRASTRUCTURE: No new servers. No VPN. No load balancers
                • BRING YOUR OWN DEVICE (ByoD): Connect stakeholders without buying corporate mobile devices
                • POWERFUL SCALABILITY: Ramp-up from few pilot users to 1000s of users in no-time
                • PUSH VERSIONS ON THE FLY: Update your app within seconds and increase your agility
                Give access to new users

                On-board New Users

                • Easy app distribution - via public app stores or the Movilizer Distribution Service
                • Secure user enrolment - manage app users via secure and trusted channels
                Smart app updates & version management

                Stay Updated

                • Movelet & version updates - included in the standard sync, the update takes only seconds, is independent of app stores and a pure background process for the end user
                • Movilizer Client updates - announced and updated automatically to users via the corresponding distribution channel, backwards compatibility guaranteed
                • Movilizer Cloud updates - executed automatically by the Movilizer team, usually during weekends and with no downtime required
                • Movilizer Connector updates - available on a regular base, you decide when to update to the newest version
                Unlimited Linear Scalability

                Scale-up Endlessly

                • Linear scalability is our key characteristic - ready to roll out to 1000s of users in just a few hours
                • Developed and optimized for big data databases
                • Lowest TCO - no new servers or infrastructure required
                • Capacity - No downtime or performance impact when adding new 'commodity' machines

                Phase 3: Run it

                With a Strong Platform that gives you Full Support and Control

                • WORKS OFFLINE & ONLINE: Users can operate with it anytime and anywhere
                • ANY MOBILE DEVICE: Deploy the same Movelets to any mobile device across multiple channels
                • ROBUST PERFORMANCE & EFFICIENT SYNC: Maximize end-user adoption with the best mobile support in the field
                Centralized Monitoring

                Centralized Monitoring

                Depending on your infrastructure Movilizer offers two ways of monitoring:

                • Central Monitoring in the Cloud - crucial when functionalities of several back-end systems are mashed up in one app
                • Direct Monitoring in the Connector - preferable when using one back-end: you can administrate entire app out of the back-end
                Automatic Analytics & Statistics

                Automatic Analytics & Statistics

                Movilizer provides centralized, detailed analytics via the Admin Portal in the Cloud, including:

                • Mobile app usage statistics
                • Analytics & reporting
                • Usage patterns recognition
                • Corresponding measures implementation
                Continuous Availability

                Continuous Availability

                Load balancing - over a large number of persistence clusters and already built-in

                Continuous availability

                • Guaranteed 99.5% Cloud availability (24/7)
                • No single points of failure, no network bottlenecks
                • Automatic data replication to multiple nodes for fault-tolerance
                • Failed nodes can be replaced with no downtime
                • Adding capacity is application-transparent with no down-time
                Disaster Recovery & Business Contingency

                Disaster Recovery & Business Contingency

                • Durable capability - The Movilizer Cloud never loses data, even when an entire data center goes down
                • Data replication - replication across multiple data centers is supported
                • Business contingency - built-in via remote nodes and geographic redundancy
                Asynchronous processing

                Asynchronous processing

                Asynchronous transactions are optimized with built-in features that allow high resilience

                Security Concept

                With a five-tier concept we meet the highest security market standards

                Future-proof Platform

                Movilizer is built to easily adapt to future developments

                Industry Standards

                Movilizer embraces standards wherever they don’t compromise mobile apps

                Case Studies

                Read the success stories of our global customers