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                Movilizer Partner Landscape

                Are we a Match?


                Become a Partner

                Our Business Model is Channel-Centric

                We are committed to growing our company through valued partnerships. Our partners do not only collaborate with us, but are also supported by Movilizer when collaborating with each other.

                You have two options of partnership:

                • Service or ISV Partner - please view our packages
                • Strategic Alliance Partner - please contact us

                We Enable You To:

                • Build a business model that serves own corporate objectives
                • Leverage on Movilizer from within its own expertise
                • Construct own profitable service or solutions provider model

                Become a Service or ISV Partner if:Become a Strategic Alliance Partner if:
                • You are a consultancy
                • You are a system integrator
                • You are a software company
                • You are not directly involved in mobility apps
                • You see synergies between our companies
                • You see the potential of combined benefits

                Benefits of a partnership with Movilizer

                Differentiate and Build your own IP

                • Leverage on our breakthrough technology
                • Address your customer's business requirements
                • Build a differentiating business with long-term customers
                • Gain global visibility by exposing your IP via the app market
                • Grow your ROI by collaborating with other Movilizer partners
                Commission-based reward system
                Commission-based reward system

                Commission-based Reward System

                Partnering with Movilizer pays off! Depending on the partner category you sign up for, you receive generous commissions.

                • One-off payments or
                • Recurring commissions

                Your Business Benefits first

                Next to the Movilizer Platform, your customers will also need:

                • Consultancy
                • Development
                • Integration
                • Implementation and
                • 2nd line support services

                Reinvent your business using the tools we hand you and create added value for your customers. Leverage your existing skillset and expertise and turn the mobile opportunity into your business.

                Differentiate and build your own IP
                Your Business Benefits

                Joint Marketing & Business Development

                Our partnership program facilitates developing market opportunities. With every contract you or your customer signs, you will accrue a business development fund (BDF). The BDF can be used for:

                • Lead generation programs
                • Tradeshows & Conferences
                • Customer Events

                On top of this, separate targets can give you access to cash-rebates at the end of the year.

                Let’s Join Forces and Grow our Business

                Whether you build your business around integration services or standard software, we have models supporting both. Our partner levels are not linked to size or investment, but to your dedication towards our solution.


                Service PartnerSoftware Partner
                • Authorized level
                • Certified level
                • Expert level
                • ISV Partner



                Partner Packages

                Service itemPrice (if not included in partner level)Authorized PartnerCertified PartnerExpert PartnerISV Partner
                Developer's & Demo AccountFreexxxx
                Device-Based Platform Package: Size MICRO1.500 €/year xxx
                All ConnectorsFreexxxx
                Branded Movilizer Client2.500 €/client 2
                Access to support websiteFreexxxx
                App-Market ParticipationFreexxxx
                E-Mail Support (JIRA Account)250 €/mth xxx
                Phone Support (CET Business Hours)500 €/mth xx
                Quick Start Commercial Training (2d)1.000 €/p. 2x2xx
                Basic (Developer's) Training (5d)2.000 €/p. x2xx
                Pre-Sales Training (1d)1.000 €/p. xxx
                Release Update Training (1d)1.000 €/p. x2xx
                Advanced MEL Training (3d)2.000 €/p.
                Movilizer Days (2d)499 €/p. 5.000 €/booth 2x access2x access 1 booth3x access 1 booth
                Lead Generation Program Participant2.000 €/closed leadxIncl. 2nd priorityIncl. 1st priority
                Partner EarningsDetail (see also definitions)Authorized PartnerCertified PartnerExpert PartnerISV Partner
                Referral Fee1-off per customerX% X%
                Sales CommissionRecurring X or Y %X or Y %
                Volume RebatesBonus discount on BP Achievement A and B %
                Reselling DiscountsFor applicable licenses only Discount from list
                Business Development FundingFor approved marketing initiatives M%N%M%
                Partner-brings-Partner ProgramFor 24 mths after initial contract signed BDF aggregationBDF aggregation
                + X% RF on first deal
                BDF aggregation
                + X% RF on first deal


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