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                Careers at Movilizer

                Discover the Movilizer Difference

                World map with Honeywell Movilizer's departments highlighted

                Founded in 2006

                Honeywell subsidiary since 2016

                Startup in a corporation

                200+ multinational customers

                Thirty nationalities, ten countries

                We think and act without boundaries. Our solutions target a global market and we reflect that in our team.

                World-class colleagues

                Our team is passionate, dynamic, inspiring, open-minded, innovative, sincere, often brave and never boring.

                What You Can Expect

                Get more responsibility

                Get more responsibility

                Movilizer is a fast-growing technology. We always have more work than resources, so we encourage our people to think ahead and take responsibility of tasks and topics they love. Together we push Movilizer to the next level. 

                opportunities - door opens

                Get more opportunities

                If your mere incentive is your salary, we're afraid that Movilizer is not the right choice. We drive our Movilizers with an individual development of skills & experience, and reward with a dynamic start-up sphere, great team spirit and spontaneous after-work drinks.

                Do more different things

                Do more different things

                Have you ever wondered what Marketeers, Developers or Project Managers are doing all day long? Working at Movilizer will allow you to step outside the box and try on a lot of different hats - even that weird one that you never expected to like, just to find out that you do. 

                Have your moments of fame

                Have your moments of fame

                We believe in flat hierarchies and direct communication - expect to go for daily lunch with our founders. In this direct approach, it's nearly impossible to not notice a job well done. We celebrate and share each others successes.

                Learn the value of ownership

                Learn the value of ownership

                Maybe the most important benefit of working at Movilizer is the realization that hard work, creative thinking and persistence are worth a lot: Your input has direct impact on the product's success, which is used by leading enterprises worldwide. Are you ready for ownership?

                Are we a Match?

                Have a look in Honeywell's current vacancies