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                The Movilizer Client

                Secure Container for your Movilizer Field Apps

                Description Client in Movilizer Architecture

                The Movilizer Client acts as a Secure App Container. All Movelets assigned to users are deployed within it and can make use of the client container's capabilities. The client can make use of all the device's capabilities (radios, camera, resources,etc.).

                One of the key features of Movilizer is that you can truly develop once and deploy it on any mobile device. The Movilizer Client works with 8 different OS platforms. No change of code is required, your apps will be deployed and run within each of these clients on their designated platforms. 

                Get Started on your Mobile Device

                The Movilizer Client

                First Step

                Download and install Movilizer Client on your mobile device. The client is empty.

                The Movilizer Client

                Second Step

                After logging in, the client synchronizes and receives all movelets assigned to you.

                The Movilizer Client

                Third Step

                The apps are ready to use. Start working while being connected to the back-end.

                Key features that make Movilizer the number one platform to orchestrate your field operations

                Movilizer Client
                • Online & offline availability, sync only when required or when back-end available
                • Support for all common mobile and PC operating systems
                • Develop once, deploy anywhere for lowest TCO
                • Movelets can run as native, web or hybrid apps and support HTML5
                • Supports common functionalities (sync, password encryption, resetting apps, etc)
                • Dynamically controlled using the Movilizer Expression Language (MEL)

                The Movelet

                Movelets are the secret ingredients of Movilizer. A unique mechanism that allows you to transport a variety of building blocks and information between the client and the back-end

                The Connector

                You use connectors as the secure connection from your back-end system to the Movilizer Cloud. All common technologies are supported, even a Certified SAP add-on can be included

                The Cloud

                Movilizer's Cloud for Field Operations removes any need to invest in additional infrastructure. All typical features and functionalities of a middleware are available as a service

                The Client

                Our secure container app exists for 8 common OS platforms and will run on your applications on any mobile device without any change of codes