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                Components & Architecture

                The Movelet Concept

                Overview Components and Architecture of Movilizer

                The app consists of what we call Movelets, basically a step-by-step description of your mobile business process. By using the Movilizer Connector you can build them securely within your own back-end and save them on the Movilizer Cloud
                As soon as the user downloads the Movilizer Client (secure app container) on his device, he can synchronize with the Movilizer Cloud and receives all Movelets that are individually assigned to him. Now he has full mobile support for his field operations. Every action taken in the client will be synchronized in the cloud and sent back to the back-end. 

                • Set up & run the Movilizer app in your landscape within hours
                • No middleware, mobile VPNs or firewalls required
                • No need of a new infrastructure for your mobility
                • Plug & play your business connector of choice

                The Movelet

                Movelets represent real business scenarios virtually. They are the first central component and contain all information to execute the business process on a mobile device

                The Connector

                You use Connectors as a secure connection from your back-end system to the Movilizer Cloud. They allow mobile business applications to be built in the back-end system

                The Cloud

                As central junction of back-end & devices, the Movilizer Cloud eliminates any investment in new infrastructure. All typical functionalities of a middleware are available as a service

                The Client

                The Movilizer Client is a generic app container, which renders your mobile applications on the client side. It supports all common OS-systems and devices without any change of codes