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                Enterprise Systems

                Bring your Back-end into the Field


                Movilizer is about unlocking your existing enterprise systems, their data and processes, and opening them up to the wide range of stakeholder: internal and external employees, machines and processes. Our cloud-based platform and clients are complemented with intelligent back-end connectors that allow you to do this in an easy, straightforward way.

                Movilizer offers any of the following options for your back-end: 

                • Standard Suites
                • Standard Connectors
                • Customized Solutions
                For enterprise systems

                Out-of-the-Box Solutions

                Standard Suites for SAP, SFDC, Maximo and 3rd Party Software

                Connectors for any other back-end system

                Web Services Connector

                Connector to your ESB (Enterprise System Bus)

                If your connector is not available, you can download the source codes and build new connectors from scratch or extend existing ones.

                Contact us for the source codes