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                Fit For Mission-Critical

                We fulfill the requirements


                Mission-critical apps must be:

                • Secure
                • Reliable
                • Controllable
                • Robust

                It's not easy to mobilize your mission-critical IT systems and connect them with your workers, machines, business partners and other stakeholders. This is especially complex within your field operations and with external stakeholder. Your solution must be secure, reliable, robust and controllable.

                Movilizer offers powerful cloud solutions that meet these complex requirements and enable you to make your business processes mobile and bring your IT system into the field. 

                Security Concept

                When running a mobile service, the entire data needs to be appropriately secured, end-to-end. Especially in an enterprise environment the following must be preserved with extra care

                The App Lifecycle

                The application lifecycle is a 3-phase progress in which you BUILD, DEPLOY and RUN your mobile solution. We developed a flexible app lifecycle management to meet any current and future requirement

                Future-proof Platform

                Deciding on a mobile solution can be challenging. It must not only support all current and future requirements but should also exceed them by giving additional advantages on the mobile movement.

                Exceed Industry Standards

                Movilizer embraces standards wherever standard exists and wherever the use of standards do not compromise the SPEED of building, deploying and running mobile enterprise apps.