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                HTML5 & Smart Scripting

                Optimized Mobile Applications with agile Development Tools

                HTML5 Integration

                When developing HTML5 apps within the Movilizer framework, it immediately removes some of the obstacles developers face with HTML5 development and drastically shortens the time-to-market and app usability:

                • Online / Offline availability - Whilst normal HTML5 development requires a device to be online, the locally available database of the Movilizer Client allows its HTML5 apps to run completely offline.
                • Managing large data-sets - Several thousands of records, such as master-data concepts or multimedia can be stored easily on each device and let the HTML5 app interact with it, all within the secure container of the Movilizer Client.
                • Security - As all transactions and communications are leveraging on the secure Movilizer framework, security is no longer a concern when adding HTML5 to your development approach.
                • Accessing Device Side Capabilities - Applications that run in the Movilizer Client can use functionalities of the mobile device (camera, scanners, radios, etc.) and connect to peripherals (printers, RFID-readers, etc.)
                • Lifecycle Management & Back-end Integration - Creating and deploying HTML5 apps within the Movilizer framework allows you to leverage on the proven capabilities of the platform and existing integrations and connectors such as our Certified SAP Add-on and its standard configurable and customizable applications.
                Movilizer App Screen

                Movilizer App Screen

                Smart Scripting with MEL

                XML structures are static by definition. The Movilizer Expression Language (MEL) is a smart scripting language to make Movelets dynamic within the Movilizer Client. This can be:

                • Client actions, such as starting or synchronizing
                • Participant actions, such as starting a Movelet or pressing a button

                To give you maximum flexibility, MEL is also designed to integrate with JavaScript

                MEL is designed like other scripting languages, but works much faster: 

                • Create more dynamic and interactive mobile apps
                • Define smart reactions in the Client or Movelet
                • Work dynamically with user input, selections, data
                • Create or convert data on the fly

                MEL - Smart Scripting Language to create more Dynamic and Interactive Mobile Apps

                • dynamically change screens
                • flow control
                • access external programs
                • access any of the device native features
                • access file system
                • access peripheral drivers (e.g. RFID)
                • establish https connections
                • call web services
                • receive JSON strings

                and many more

                Deploy and Run Anywhere

                Movilizer’s multi-channel technology makes mobile applications independent form any device: they work - without change - on today's, tomorrow's and future channels

                Online & Offline Availability

                Movilizer’s multi-channel technology makes mobile applications independent form any device: they work - without change - on today's, tomorrow's and future channels

                Effective User Experience

                It’s important to include UX in your mobile solution: It removes friction, increases user satisfaction, excels user adoption and decreases support requests

                System Mash-Up

                When a mobile solution is able to mash up relevant source systems into one app, it gives a fast and easy-to-use app and the complexity of multiple back-ends is hidden