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                Movilizer for IBM Maximo

                Increase your effectiveness

                With the integration of IBM Asset Management tool Maximo and the mobile enterprise platform Movilizer you can easily operate Maximo processes on your mobile devices. The mobile extension will increase the effectiveness and agility in the field.

                You can use the Maximo Integration Framework (MIF) including standard Maximo functionalities for both outgoing and incoming messages. No customization is needed and once you have configured the app, it adapts to polling responses, filtering messages and translating messages.

                With Movilizer you can also mash up several back-end systems into one app, avoid data duplication and increase user experience. 

                Examples of mobile processes:

                • Work order handling
                • Inspections
                • Inventory
                • Service request creation
                • Collecting assets
                Movilizer for IBM Maximo

                ONLINE AND OFFLINE

                PROCESS DRIVEN

                OS INDEPENDENT

                FULLY INTEGRATED

                About the Movilizer for IBM Maximo

                The client is installed on the end user's mobile device

                Process & Data
                From within Maximo, a Movelet is sent out to the mobile device. This Movelet consists of both the mobile process and Specific Maximo data.

                The client displays the Movelet as a mobile application to the end user. The end user handles the process and adds their information, which is then synchronized to the Maximo back-end system.

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