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                Benefits for IT

                Movilizer Benefits for IT
                • Integrate external stakeholders with a secure and enterprise-grade cloud technology
                • Realize agile development by deploying upgrades & updates without user interaction
                • Leverage on your back-end system without further investment in new infrastructure

                Secure Stakeholder Integration

                For optimal results, all stakeholders, internal and external, should be interconnected and allowed to contribute to successful processes. Security is, of course, a top-level requirement.
                The Movilizer technology is audited almost every month with each new customer - and never fails the test.

                Lowest Possible TCO

                Movilizer has a zero-infrastructure approach: it leverages on existing skills & back-end logics and processes as well as the ease of operations. That is why Movilizer offers the lowest possible TCO for mobilizing your enterprise. 

                Process Mobilization without Impact

                Processes are designed within the capabilities of the back-end systems that drive them. These processes have evolved to match the business requirements, but without considering the new aspect of mobility.

                Movilizer enables this mobility: back-end processes are exposed in a way that meets the needs of today's mobile worker and unlocks new possibilities. At the same time the company's IT governance is respected without compromise. Each process is made mobile with respect of the back-end system that drives the operations.

                Agile Change & Fastest Time to Market

                Agile development allows you to release light apps and strengthen them further with new and improved functionality. You are able to set straight that occasional bug overnight.
                This requires instantaneous deployment mechanisms that don't bother the user. Else the system becomes unusable and its adoption would halt.

                Movilizer addresses these requirements appropriately: over-the-air deployment of updates, upgrades and new apps assigned to users is an inherent part of Movilizer's concept. It allows the business to realize fastest time to market within their processes.

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