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                Manufacturing & Engineering

                Customer Service and Quality are Key Success Factors

                Few industries rely so much on quality and customization processes as manufacturing and engineering. To speed up sales and keep customers satisfied, salesmen to be able to help customers configure the right product to their needs and create an offer immediately. Guaranteeing the expected quality, as well as the integrity of the supply chain is also crucial to maintain customer confidence and brand loyalty.

                In this high-pressure, performant environment, companies need to look for a solution that enables them to optimally orchestrate and interconnect all manufacturing and delivery processes. 

                Manufacturing and Engineering

                Common Challenges in Manufacturing and Engineering


                Inefficient machine maintenance causes faulty production and product waste


                Untraced original parts increase the risk of warranty claims and brand damage

                Distributed skills

                Sending service engineers with the wrong skills decrease first-time fix rates

                Accessory sales

                Accessories are profitable but hard to sell without the right configuration tools

                Disconnected dealer

                Dealers and distributors that are disconnected from your live systems limit the sales potential

                Solve these Challenges with a Powerful Mobile Solution

                The Movilizer Cloud for Manufacturing & Engineering

                Diagram Manufacturing and Engineering

                Achieve more with Movilizer

                Manufacturing Plants

                33% increase in machine uptime, 20% decrease in product waste:

                • Predictive maintenance with M2M & technician integration
                • Better coding controls
                • Mobile quality inspections
                • More efficient product recalls


                Manufacturing Plants
                Quality and Supply Chain

                Quality & Supply Chain

                100% visibility in equipment history, brand protection, enhancement and warranty claim management:

                • Track & trace any component ever built into equipment
                • Track & trace any part ever mounted or dismounted
                • Authenticate original parts
                • Technicians can run and document quality inspections in the field during installation or repair procedures


                Warehouses & Distribution Centers

                30% decrease of shipping costs:

                • Improved warehouse efficiency
                • Optimized routes and loads in the trucks


                Warehouse and Distribution Centers
                Sales Processes

                Sales Processes

                15% increase in sales of all teams:

                • Provide mobile access to product marketing information, offline and online (e.g. fact sheets, pricing, videos etc.)

                • Provide mobile access to product configuration and pricing calculation tools, offline and online


                Dealer Relationship

                25% increase of dealer sales:

                • Provide access to same tools as internal sales teams 

                • Establish new and more personal communication channel to directly get in touch with your dealer's sales representatives
                • Work with mobile devices that allow you more control and visibility of the dealer's sales processes and methodology
                • Better training and integration


                Dealer Relationship
                Technician on Site

                Technicians on Site

                30% increase in service revenues, 20% increase in first time fix rates and 10% time saving:

                • Mobile access to the productivity tools they need, offline and online

                • Mobile access to technical documents, knowledge databases and to expert collegues, offline and online
                • Tools to identify cross-selling opportunities and capture immediate customer feedback



                App Catalog

                Movilizer offers more than 2200 different apps for each of your processes

                Business Benefits

                A powerful cloud solution enables you to implement your strategies in the field

                Field Operations

                Movilizer mobilizes and interconnects any field operation or mission-critical process

                References & Case studies

                We helped these companies already with a successful mobile approach