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                The Movelet

                Simple but Clever Building Blocks for Strategic Enterprise Mobility

                Description of Movelet

                Movelets are the first central component of the Movilizer technology and virtually represent real business scenarios.
                A Movelet can be regarded as a building block: they allow your business process to be described in terms of screens, flows, business rules and business logic. They are device and technology agnostic.

                The Movilizer App consists of one or a combination of Movelets; they form a (partial) screen or an entire process within the app. Technically a Movelet is an XML file which can contain:

                • binary objects (pictures, videos)
                • HTML5 web pages
                • reference-data
                • required metadata

                Build Once - Run Anywhere

                The Movelets are built in your back-end system, synchronized in the Cloud and deployed and run in the Client downloaded on the device.
                They use your existing development environment, software logic and skills. Therefore no adaption is needed, they can run on any mobile device and we save time during the integration.

                It's the ability to combine Movelets in many different ways that makes the Movilizer Platform so dynamic, flexible and powerful. 

                Movelet process described in architecture
                • One framework to translate your entire business process
                • Movelets are device and technology agnostic
                • HTML5, CSS & JavaScript can be embedded for full UI-control
                • Support of Master Data and across multiple business processes
                • Build Movelets in your language and workbench of choice

                The Movelet

                Movelets represent real business scenarios virtually. They are the first central component and contain all information to execute the business process on a mobile device

                The Connector

                You use Connectors as a secure connection from your back-end system to the Movilizer Cloud. They allow mobile business applications to be built in the back-end system

                The Cloud

                As central junction of back-end & devices, the Movilizer Cloud eliminates any investment in new infrastructure. All typical functionalities of a middleware are available as a service

                The Client

                The Movilizer Client is a generic app container, which renders your mobile applications on the client side. It supports all common OS-systems and devices without any change of codes