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                Experience Connected 2018 - A Key Date for Your Diary

                We reviewed the past Movilizer Days, evaluated customer demands & market trends and set up an event format, you never saw before: a new way to experience how workflows can be connected - and how the future of your workers and in the supply chain will look like.

                Experience Connected Event - Save The Date

                Join us along with your peers to experience what's NOW, what's NEXT, and what's POSSIBLE.

                The New Movilizer Days
                November 6th and 7th
                Rosengarten Mannheim, Germany


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                It's going to be an event experience different from any you have had: more interactive, more engaging, and more relevant. Learn for yourself how workflows can be connected - and what the future will look like for your workers and your supply chain.


                We look forward to meeting you in Mannheim, Germany.

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