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                Online & Offline Availability

                Work Smart - Even when Not Connected to the Internet

                In many field operations you have no access to the internet or security precautions do not allow a connection. When you want to mobilize your business process this limitation has to be taken into consideration.

                The Movilizer Client enables users to work online, as well as completely offline by defining individual synchronization procedures. Simply update the application with occasional or regular synchronizations, which can be triggered manually or automatically.

                With the Movilizer Client you can work

                • Online
                • Offline with regular synchronization
                • Offline with occasional synchronization
                • Or any other combination

                About SmartSync

                The Smart Sync option provides smooth and very short synchronization times for your app. This capability is supported by a wide range of functionalities that allow a user to adjust the sync process to his individual needs.

                Work as it suits you best, with best-in-class response times:

                • Ensure that your users can work offline, as well as online
                • Push information to your users when required
                • Handle large offline master-data sets and offline multi-media files
                • Easy search-handling
                • Adapt your mobile app to the connectivity environment

                Here are some types of sync:

                • Online Sync
                • Client Sync
                • Push Sync
                • Data Sync

                For more detailed info check our documentation

                Online and Offline Capabilities

                Large Master Data & Multimedia

                The functionality allows mobile apps to be built in a data-centric model. This enables the user to manage 100.000s of master records in a pure offline operation.

                • Search within the client takes only seconds
                • Synchronization of data is optimized and excelled
                • Master data is replicated (encrypted)
                • Master data is downloaded in a compressed binary format
                • Master data can be downloaded in multiple syncs (progressively)
                Example App on Tablet

                Movilizer supports various synchronization types:

                • Online Sync
                • Client Sync
                • Puch Sync
                • Data Sync

                Deploy and Run Anywhere

                Movilizer’s multi-channel technology makes mobile applications independent from any device: they work - without change - on today's, tomorrow's and future channels

                Effective User Experience

                It’s important to include UX in your mobile solution: It removes friction, increases user satisfaction, excels user adoption and decreases support requests

                System Mash-Up

                When a mobile solution is able to mash up relevant source systems into one app, it gives a fast and easy-to-use app and the complexity of multiple back-ends is hidden

                HTML5 & Smart Scripting

                Movilizer successfully addresses challenges of HTML5 development and developed MEL, a smart scripting language to create more dynamic and interactive mobile apps