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                Pricing Models

                Tailored to your Needs


                Movilizer Pricing Principles

                Movilizer's platform and solutions are offered as a full SaaS model.
                There are basically 3 main pricing components:

                • The Cloud or Platform Access Fee
                • The Back-end Connectors
                • The Movilizer Standard Application Fee or data volume

                Cloud- or Platform Access Fee
                For each named device that connects to the Movilizer Platform, this fee is required. Included is a volume of 180Mb of data transfers across the platform that gets consolidated across your installed base. You can either use it for own development of apps or it will be integrated with the volumes of the standard applications.

                Movilizer Back-end Connectors
                The Movilizer Back-end Connectors for NET, Java, web-services etc... are for free. However, because of the certification costs associated, a small fee is required for the use of the Certified SAP Connector and the salesforce.com Connector.

                Standard Application Fee
                Movilizer has a series of strong and feature-rich applications for SAP, IBM Maximo and salesforce.com. These can be customized and enhanced at will. But to enable you to leverage the standard code and support, we charge a monthly fee per device for using them under 12 or 36 months contracts.

                Data volume
                If you decide to develop apps on your own or with an integration partner, you will simply be charged for the data volumes you are putting across our Movilizer Cloud.

                Professional Services & Extended Support
                Optionally, we can provide you with professional delivery services and extended support (24x7).

                Pricing Simulations for Popular Mobile Solutions:

                Movilizer for SAP PM/CSMovilizer for SAP DSDMovilizer for SAP (E)WMMovilizer for Track & Trace
                WhatMobile work-order management, service and maintenance, integrating with MM and (e)WM modulesFull mobile Direct Store Delivery solution, complementing from within SAPMovilizer-based mobile apps for warehouse management & logistics operationsComplete cloud-based, unit-level track & trace platform with end-to-end mobile apps 
                Alternative to
                • SAP MAM
                • Syclo
                • Custom development
                • 3rd party middleware solutions
                • Custom development
                • ITS Mobile
                • 3rd party middleware solution
                • Custom development
                • SAP OER
                • 3rd party middleware solution
                • Custom development
                POC budgetEUR 10,000EUR 30,000EUR 7,000EUR 50,000
                Record implementation30 days50 days10 days100 days
                Typical implementation50-100 days100-300 days30-60 days

                200-500 days

                App Catalog

                Movilizer offers more than 2200 different apps for each of your processes

                Business Benefits

                A powerful cloud solution enables you to implement your strategies in the field

                Field Operations

                Movilizer mobilizes and interconnects any field operation or mission-critical process

                References & Case studies

                We helped these companies already with a successful mobile approach