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                Movilizer for SAP

                The Ideal Add-On to Materialize your Mobile Strategy

                The Movilizer SAP Connector is a certified SAP Add-on that is installed within a couple of hours and connects your SAP system to the Movilizer Cloud and Clients, opening up a wide range of new mobile possibilities and features to boost your business performance. 

                • Out-of-the-box connector
                • Build mobile apps from scratch with ABAP
                • Profit from state-of-the-art user experience
                • Leverage on 500+ out-of-the-box mobile processes
                • Manage processes from within SAP
                SAP-certified Movilizer Connector

                Build mobile apps from scratch with abap

                Deploy out-of-the-box-apps in days

                About the Movilizer Add-On for SAP

                With Movilizer you can build, deploy and operate mobile apps directly from within your SAP ABAP back-end system. The resulting mobile processes, also called Movelets, run in the Movilizer Container App (Client):

                • Offline and online
                • On 8 different OS platforms
                • Without any single change in coding

                Additionally, you can wrap your SAP UI5 or Fiori apps, mash them up with non-SAP processes and enrich them with key features, such as offline capabilities, asynchronous processing and the full power of a Cloud for user monitoring, administration and analytics.
                For a much faster and cost efficient approach, you can simply deploy any of the existing out-of-the-box mobile apps.

                Enterprise Systems SAP


                Wrap Icon

                Wrap Existing Mobile Apps

                Run existing SAP UI apps within the Movilizer Client, add few lines of JavaScript coding and gain incredible features:

                • Offline handling of mass data, master data and multi-media
                • Consistent mash-ups with non-SAP processes, also offline
                • Asynchronous data processing
                • Push synchronisation
                • End-to-end Encryption
                • Cloud plugged in your SAP UI5 app to gain manageability, usage statistics and monitoring across systems
                • Mash up HTML5 with native coding in a single screen
                • Ability to create true hybrid apps, combining SAP UI5 elements with native element to increase business performance and usability
                Movelet and hammer Icon

                Build Mobile Apps in ABAP

                Build your mobile processes in ABAP, in the SE80 or in the Eclipse ABAP Plugin. They will then run offline/online on 8 different OS platforms

                • Once built, mash up new mobile processes with any existing one and configure them
                • Use the Scenario Configurator for your mobile processes in SAP without the need of programming
                • Empower your business users and functional consultants to configure own apps, life in business workshops - ideal for localization of global templates
                • Write your mobile processes once and run them offline/online on any mobile device without changes
                • Allow your SAP mobile processes to be mashed-up in the Movilizer Client with other non-SAP mobile processes; thus creating a role-based mobile portal
                Out-of-the-box Icon

                Deploy Mobile Apps in Days

                Configure and mash-up any of the 300+ out-of-the-box mobile processes (Movelets) and build your SAP mobile app in days without coding. All Movelets are able to: 

                • Be mashed up in one single mobile app
                • Asynchronous data processing
                • Be configured, changed or enhanced without coding
                • Supported end-to-end and subject to Service Level Agreements
                • Be further developed, based on a yearly roadmap
                • Build your own bespoke Movelets and combine them per drag & drop with any of the existing Movelets
                • Enhancing or modifying source codes is not required, because all existing Movelets are built in SAP ABAP

                300+ out-of-the-box combinable Movelets

                Use, Configure and Adapt without Programming - Achieve Record Roll-out Times


                Get to know our scenario configurator, in which your business leads and sap functional consultants will be able to build, configure "tailor made" mobile apps without a line of coding and without leaving SAP. Customizing of Business Processes, Application Flow and Screen Layout are key elements of the Scenario Configurator.


                The Movilizer SAP Add On provides an enhancement concept to enhance standard Movilizer applications as well as a development framework to develop new mobile application from scratch within your SAP ABAP development environment (ABAP).


                The Movilizer SAP Add On provides an enhancement concept to enhance standard Movilizer applications as well as a development framework to develop new mobile application from scratch within your SAP ABAP development environment (ABAP)

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                Free your enterprise from standard application boundaries

                300+ SAP business processes ready to mix and match

                Our SAP mobile apps are based on over 300 reusable functional objects which are created in ABAP using Movelets – Movilizer’s simple building blocks for strategic enterprise mobility. This way you can use a future-proof toolkit for the desgin of your mobile application and you are not bound to the restrictions of standard applications.

                Reuse, customize and enhance best practices

                Our full suite of mobile solutions for SAP can be configured, customized, mashed-up and connected with non-SAP to build the mobile enterprise that you need.