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                Five-Tier Security Concept

                Stay in Full Control of Your Mobile Business

                Password authentication

                User Authentication & Authorizations

                User authorizations & rights can be applied at any point within the business scenario - from securing access to a specific function up to the entire scenario.

                User authentication can be managed and controlled in the Movilizer Platform and supports 2 layers:

                • Movilizer Client Authentication - Authenticates the App with the Movilizer Platform
                • Movelet Authentication - Authenticates the user with the business scenario and customer system
                End-to-End Encryption

                End-to-End Encryption

                Data is encrypted and stored in the source system with a symmetric key. The encrypted business information can be then only decrypted by using the corresponding key (e.g. on a mobile device).


                Secure Back-end Integration

                The authentication of a customer's back-end system at the Movilizer Cloud can be achieved through one of the following two security levels:

                • Combination of System ID/Secret
                • Initialization of an X509 certificate out of the back-end system
                alarm siren

                Attack Detection & Cloud Security

                The Movilizer Cloud implements tools and routines, which automatically block back-end and client systems from sending any data requests, as soon as they identify attacks or malware.

                All information inside the Movilizer system is stored in conjunction with a client specification and never directly accessible:

                • Access to data only for assigned client IDs
                • Access to client-specific information only via defined interfaces & authorizations
                physical security

                Physical Security of Data Centres

                Movilizer GmbH servers are located in 2 secured computing centers in Germany, with the latest standards in physical security and protection, fire protection and failover concepts.

                The centers are further certified with:

                • high availability and security - Level Tier 3 (TüV Saarland)
                • high availability and security - ISO 27001
                • Eco Datacenter Star Audit Level 4

                Examples of Movelet Authentication


                • Single Sign-On
                • Role-based authorizations
                • Complex authentication rules
                • 2-factor authentication
                • Other form of access control

                The App Lifecycle

                How to BUILD, DEPLOY and RUN your mobile solution

                Future-proof Platform

                Movilizer is built to easily adapt to future developments

                Industry Standards

                Movilizer embraces standards wherever they don’t compromise mobile apps

                Platform technology

                How to securely bring your back-end into the field