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                Track & Trace

                Maximize Visibility and Intelligence with Product Tracking

                Movilizer Track & Trace

                Interconnecting Field Agents

                Movilizer enabled a large range of global companies to set up their global tracking strategies. All of these companies have been able to draw on the cross-functional knowledge and expertise within Movilizer to reduce complexity and cost. These projects cover the full range of serialization and product tracking capabilities - from pharmaceutical compliance to product interaction to transparency through Track & Trace.


                TPD Software Suite - Compliance for the Tobacco Industry

                New TPD challenge by May 2019: Unit-level traceability enforcement of cigarettes and RYO tobacco for manufacturers and wholesalers. Honeywell Movilizer supports the tobacco industry to become compliant.

                Common business challenges in Track and Trace


                Increasing regulations introduce stricter rules and automated measures to be compliant


                Quality brands fight fraud through infiltration and counterfeiting from an insecure supply chain


                Tracking at shipping case or batch level is not sufficient anymore to gain value and transparency


                How to maximize consumer loyalty by linking product information to customer data

                Big Data

                How to derive maximum value from Big Data once you have unique products and customers connected

                Three major drivers behind Track & Trace initiatives

                Find out how we fulfill the needs of each one