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                Effective User Experience

                UX consideration in our process-oriented software product

                Screen Flow Honeywell Movilizer User Experience

                UX in a process-oriented software product

                • Remove friction
                • Increase user satisfaction
                • Faster adoption by users
                • Decrease support requests

                UX is more than UI

                Whereas User interface (UI) is focused on the actual elements that interact with the user, it does not address details such as how the user reacts to the system, remembers and re-uses it.

                This is where User Experience (UX) comes into place: UX is much more than just the outcome of UI and the user's reaction to it. It is the whole experience of a user with the product, the usability and the company behind it.

                Optimized UX with Movilizer

                For us, User Experience means solving specific user problems by detecting and eliminating pain points throughout the user's journey and ensuring a logical and engaging flow from one step to the next.
                We make sure to analyze the whole process chain from the user's perspective, beginning with the installation and initial setup up to potential crisis management considerations.

                To outline the overall UX, we addressed the following 10 questions from within Movilizer's standard framework, so all deployments profit from its best practises immediately.
                This way, we're able to detect pain points early that users could face operating the mobile solution(s) of your company-a critical factor of your project's success. As you can see, extensive UX considerations go far beyond the question "Does it look nice?".

                App Install

                How do I install the Movilizer Client App on my device?

                Movilizer Secure Client App can be installed in different ways. The user can download them from the respective app-stores available for your device (depending on the OS) or the user can have it deployed via the Mobile Device Management (MDM) tool the company already uses.

                Movilizer Access

                How do I get access to my apps and the content reserved for me?

                Once the Movilizer Client is installed, the user is asked to enter a unique Participant ID (phone number or e-mail) and a Secret (password). Once done, the device will connect to the Movilizer Cloud and automatically all apps and relevant (master-)data will be sync'd with the device.

                One App All Enterprises

                Can I access all my enterprise systems from within 1 service?

                The Movilizer Cloud can connect to multiple Enterprise Systems and deploy apps and data from within those systems to the device. The user will therefore have access to all mission critical applications and data and will never have to work outside the Movilizer Client.

                Movilizer SmartSync

                What happens when new apps are made available?

                Every time a device sync's with the Movilizer Cloud, any new application that was assigned to the user will automatically deploy to the device, making it immediately available for use in the field. Also, associate (master)data updates will happen at the time of syncing the device.

                Movilizer Alerts and Notifications

                How do I know new app updates are available? Do I need to do anything?

                No. The user will receive the app updates when synching with the Movilizer Cloud. Existing apps get replaced with the new version and additional functionality or bug fixes are immediately available to the mobile user.

                Movilizer Automatic Updates

                If new data is available, do I need to do anything? Will I be notified?

                No. What happens is decided by the operational managers of your enterprise systems. It can be that the updates (masterdata as an example or new apps) come in silently whilst other types of updates (workorder details) could trigger a notification. In anyway, the push comes from the back-end.

                Movilizer Control

                Is navigating the app easy and straightforward? Is it optimized for business use?

                A lot of course depends on the app-design. The Movilizer framework offers a wide range of possibilities to accommodate in-app navigation but many of the controls are designed to enable servicing the operational workflow in the most ergonomic way possible.

                Movilizer Design

                Is the look and feel of the app comfortable? Does it respect my company’s branding?

                Building apps with Movilizer or using any of the pre-build standard Movilizer applications can easily be changed to respect a company's branding. App design can be based on the library of more than 300 standard available customizable building blocks or they can be build from scratch. Apps can be native, web, html5 or hybrid.

                Movilizer Online and Offline

                Is the responsiveness of the application guaranteed? Also when I am offline?

                This is crucial for an optimal UX ! Because Movilizer application are always available on- and offline, any of the transactions and business process steps are done against the local database on the device. This guarantees fast responsiveness and eliminates any network latency.

                Movilizer Theft Security

                Do I need to worry if I lose my device or should it get stolen?

                No. If a user notifies the administrator, he can cancel the subscription of the device to the Movilizer Cloud. This will result in emptying the container when it syncs again. All activities done upon the last time the device synced with the cloud, are safe for further use.

                Deploy and Run Anywhere

                Movilizer’s multi-channel technology makes mobile applications independent form any device: they work - without change - on today's, tomorrow's and future channels

                Online & Offline Availability

                Movilizer’s multi-channel technology makes mobile applications independent form any device: they work - without change - on today's, tomorrow's and future channels

                System Mash-Up

                When a mobile solution is able to mash up relevant source systems into one app, it gives a fast and easy-to-use app and the complexity of multiple back-ends is hidden

                HTML5 & Smart Scripting

                Movilizer successfully addresses challenges of HTML5 development and developed MEL, a smart scripting language to create more dynamic and interactive mobile apps