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                Watch our Webinars

                Listen to our mobility experts from various industries and learn about the new trends and upcoming developments. Take away useful insights on how to leverage mobility best in your business.


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                Webinar Sessions 2018

                Topics Speakers

                Mobility Solutions - Shaping the Supply Chain of the Future

                • Ever evolving challenges within warehouse management and how mobility can help meet them
                • New developments in mobile technologies and their potential for supply chains
                • Explore the key benefits of mobility in the warehouse
                • Practical mobile solutions and use cases

                Nigel Holloway
                Product Sales Manager, The Config Team (logistics partner)

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                UX Design Patterns and 2.6 Features

                • How newly introduced features will help you build better experiences and encourage you to explore entirely new ways of designing Movelets
                • New screen types, methods, attributes and a wide range of UI tweaks
                • Movilizer Design Professionals will explain the 2.6 update within the broader context of usability patterns
                • Best practices and impactful design approaches

                Daniel Kurfess
                Team Lead Movilizer UX, Honeywell Movilizer

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                Webinar Sessions 2017

                Topics Speakers

                Digitalization & Mobility – A threat to competitiveness of companies?

                • Digitalization & Mobility – Definition and market state of the art
                • The need and obstacles of mobile solutions in companies
                • How platform approaches help secure the future of digitalization

                Jan Vermeesch
                Global Business Development Leader, Movilizer

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                Service & Maintenance – Mobilize your workforce for efficiency and higher customer satisfaction

                • Different back ends mean different approaches – Advantages and distractions
                • Movilizer on SAP PM/CS – introduction to solution and pre-defined processes
                • Easiest way to create your own app: The Lego? principle
                • Demo

                Matthias Jungblut
                Product Owner, Honeywell Movilizer

                Play Recording Aufnahme Wiedergeben - DE

                Make Logistics Mobile – Effectively and efficiently

                • Mobile processes in production and logistics – Trends & capabilities
                • This boosts efficiency – Watch your selection criteria
                • SAP as key platform – Sustainable?
                • Movilizer for production and logistics – Intro to pre-defined processes including Track & Trace

                Stephan Pottel
                Solution Architect, Honeywell Movilizer

                Play Recording Aufnahme Wiedergeben - DE

                Track & Trace – Gaining competitive advantage even when driven by regulation: Enabling consumer dialogue, brand protection, fraud reduction

                • Key regulatory deadlines for Track and Trace across industries – An overview
                • How to implement successfully: key points to consider across functionality, architecture, approach
                • Movilizer use cases: Pharma, Tobacco, Food and more

                Daniel Hubert
                Director Track & Trace, Honeywell Movilizer

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                Request a Free Webinar

                What can I learn?

                The free webinar is a great opportunity to learn everything from getting started to using advanced features. You will learn about the WHY, WHAT and HOW of Movilizer for mission-critical mobile apps.


                • Demonstrate the Movilizer Platform
                • Explain key concepts 
                • Cover advanced features and more

                How do I join the free webinar?

                Webinars will be conducted upon request and customized to your requirements and needs. You can request to focus on certain topics:

                • Integration capabilities
                • Standard out-of-the-box solutions & apps
                • Building mobile apps
                • Certified SAP Integration
                • Any topic you want to add

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